Sales Contract & Guarantee

On the _____day of ____________, 20___, this sales contract is made between

PURCHASER(S):  ___________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________________________

Phone # _________________________ Cell # ___________________________

Email: ___________________________________________________________

AND the Breeder:       

Meg Sherring

Abbotsford, B.C., V4X 1Z8

604-626-4683 / 604-613-4683



The Buyer agrees to the price of $____________for the following CKC Registered Poodle.

CKC # _________________with Limited Registration _____ with Full Registration________

DOB __________________ Sex ________Colour(s) ________________________________

Sire: _______________________________________CKC # _________________________

Dam: ______________________________________CKC # __________________________

Registered Name Choice: (18 spaces) “_________________________________De La Coeur”

[ A non-refundable deposit of $_____________ is required to hold this dog, with full balance payable in cash or by certified cheque, due on the day dog is to be picked up or shipped. Full costs related to shipping are to be born solely by the Purchaser]

This Contract and conditions are made between the Purchaser and Breeder and are not transferable.  Should the Buyer wish to relinquish possession of this animal, the Breeder is to b a full partner in the decision about who shall have the dog. The Buyer agrees that the Breeder shall have right of first refusal if this dog is to be re-homed.

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A Puppy is defined herein to be a pure bred Standard Poodle embodying all the characteristics of the Standard Poodle breed.  The breeder states that this puppy has received the appropriate vaccinations and wormings on a schedule appropriate to the pup’s age.  The Breeder will provide the Purchaser with a Veterinarian’s Health Certificate attesting to the puppy’s good health and its immunization record.

The Breeder does not assume liability for any injury to the Puppy after the Purchaser has taken possession.  Shipping/transport concerns are the responsibility of the Purchaser, once the Breeder has delivered dog/pup to the transport company on the Purchasers behalf, following the Purchasers instructions.

The Purchaser in encouraged to take the pup to a Veterinarian of their choosing within 72 hours for a ‘healthy puppy check-up’.  This check up is at the Purchasers expense.  If the puppy is found to be seriously ill, as attested to and fully described in writing by the Purchasers Veterinarian, then Pup will be returned to the Breeder immediately, and the full purchase price will be refunded.

The Purchaser agrees to maintain the Puppy’s health in good condition by providing all ongoing inoculations, worming(s), general care, exercise, grooming, safe containment, quality food and warm indoor shelter as necessary to assure continued good health and long life.

It is understood by the Purchaser that a Standard Poodle is considered to be a ‘large breed dog’ that has a muscular and skeletal system which is growing until 18 months of age.  Therefore, exercise must be conducted in a sensible manner due to the growth of their muscles, bones and bone plates.  Excessive exercise while young can have a very detrimental effect on development.


This puppy is purchased as a Companion Animal, under a non-breeding Limited CKC Registration, then it is agreed that puppy will never be bred, and will be spayed/neutered ideally by the age of 7 months, but not later than 9 months, with proof of same being forwarded to the Breeder forthwith. Upon proof of same the Breeder will forward the dogs official Registration/Pedigree papers.


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This puppy/dog is guaranteed against disabling genetic defect until 2 years old.  Determination of a serious hereditary defect must be attested to in writing by a Veterinarian. The written allegations must be supported by x-rays/conclusive testing and then concurred with through evaluation by a Veterinarian of the Breeders choosing. The costs incurred to support that the dog has a serious genetic problem rests with the Purchaser.  If the problematic health findings are valid, and the dog is returned, then the Breeder agrees to replace same with another puppy within 18 months time.

The Breeder makes a good faith effort to estimate and disclose the colour, and probable adult size of this puppy. This is based on past knowledge and estimated according to the size of this pup’s parents.  The Breeder cannot guarantee the eventual size/colour of the puppy once grown to adulthood.

The Purchaser agrees that he/she will always be able to provide the Breeder with full knowledge of the whereabouts of this pup/dog, upon request for such information. 

Should the Purchaser(s) break the covenants of this Contract, the Breeder has the right to assess financial costs of said breach and/or to repossess the Puppy/Dog at the Purchasers expense.

The Purchasers signature(s) on this document indicate that he/she has read, agrees and understands all of the conditions of this Sale Contract.

The undersigned agree to uphold all covenants of this Agreement.

Signed this _________day of ______________, 20 _____ in the 

City of ___________________________________, and Country of ______________________________

Purchaser: ______________________________________Witness: ______________________________

Purchaser: ______________________________________Witness: ______________________________

Breeder:    ______________________________________ Witness: ______________________________