My husband and I were on the look for a  Standard Poodle; we came across Meg and wentto look at her puppies.  We took “Bella” home that evening; by far the best behaved/socialized dog, with both people and dogs I have ever experienced.  Meg is a very responsible breeder, loving and caring; the dogs stay inside her home, she took the time to pre-train each puppy, so it would have an easy transition into their new home, crate trained first in small bunches and then alone just prior to going home.  We remained in touch and Meg also boarded our dogs when we had to travel.  Meg notified us of a new litter of puppies and we could not resist - we went and chose “Dexter”.  Bella now 3 1/2 and Dexter just turned 2, are active dogs in Daycare, Tracking and Search classes, and perform in shows for the Royal City Rockets Dog Agility Team in Burnaby. 


Frankie & Patrick,  



On January 15, 2011, Rory and Phonsey had a litter of 8 beautiful puppies and we were lucky  to get two of them – a gorgeous blond and a very adorable black puppy.  They have been the center of our universe for the past year and we couldn’t be happier with them.  They have such loving temperaments and for 11-month old pups, they are extremely well behaved.  They already know how to heel, sit, stay and come and while we are not “proofed” enough to walk them off-leash we are having great off-leash success in our fenced yard.  They are a joy to train as they are very intelligent and love to please.  They were crate trained when we brought them home and also 90% of the way to being house-broken.  The crate training was obviously done with a lot of love and play as they view their crate as a great place to go to sleep at night and have their naps during the day – they will crawl into their crates of their own accord whenever they feel they need a time out. 


I would highly recommend Meg’s standard poodles.  She puts a huge amount of effort and care in her breeding program and our dogs are a testament to her success.


Sandra and John H.



I am happy to provide testament to the quality of dogs  you breed and to the great start in life the puppies receive at your home.  My Stanley is a much loved  member of our family.  His love of all people, especially  his gentle affection for the elderly and the very young is wonderful to witness.  Stanley is a regular at our City Parks and he has an always  growing number of human  fans and dog friends that he greets with true joy.  Thank you for  Stanley  - he is the perfect dog for me. 


Sincerely,  Marilyn L,



I count my blessings that I found Kona.....she is indeed the love of our lives and we have been so grateful for her loyalty and friendship.  Kona is very spoiled, but she is worth it.....and we thank you very much for letting us have her.... 


Terryl and Gerry L,



Introducing our standard poodle,  Fiamma Lucia, [from Meg’s Rory-Alice]. There is a story to her name, Fiamma is flame in Italian and relates to her colour and the fire in her personality, and Lucia is Lucy in Italian.  When she was 12 weeks old she would race around getting into mischief, when discovered she gave us the look Lucy gave Desi and we’d say “Lucy you have some ‘splainin’ to do”.  Fiamma is full of energy and our Vet describes her as being in athletic condition. She runs in the fields playing with her German Shepherd buddies.  She knows to change her play depending on a dog’s size.  At her obedience class she would play with a tiny French Bull dog and big Irish Wolfhound!  Most of all  she loves her family and  being with people. She is intelligent and learns quickly with a memory that is selective. She is a very good watch dog -  barking when she hears strange noise or unknown cars coming up the drive.  She grooms easily and we think she is the most beautiful poodle in the world.  This is a  recent favourite picture! Our  thanks to Meg for a wonderful girl.


Bonnie L,



It is easy for us to think very highly of our  beloved Abigail and Sheena,  but what warms our heart the most is wherever we go people compliment our girls on how elegant they look and  how very well behaved they are.  Thank you Meg for breeding such great companions.  We couldn’t love them more!


Richard and Johanne, North Vancouver

We have had our Sherring Standard Poodle for just over 2 years and we are overjoyed with her. She is very outgoing with a playfulness that you don't find very often. Rosie was very easy to train and has been quite obedient from the day we brought her home. Her personality lights up our house and we are so impressed with her loyalty. We just love her so much and couldn't imagine life without her. Rosie didn't have a easy start. When she was a newborn she was very weak and Meg was unsure if she was going to survive. Thanks to Meg's dedication and hard work she kept her going with hand feeding and holding her to suckle on her Mom so she could start feeding naturally. The result of Meg's efforts meant we are able to have this wonderful dog in our life. If you are considering a Sherring Standard Poodle we definitely recommend her as your breeder.

Jennifer & Tom, Surrey

Blue is so much more than just a poodle. He has given our family a way of dealing with our grief of losing both our pups last January to cancer. He has enabled us to remember the good memories and has been at our side to pick us up when we are down. Blue is part of our family and plays an essential role in our lives. He is the cuddliest dog we have ever had and never gives up with his attempts of trying to be a lap dog. He enjoys cuddles and picking the ornaments off our Christmas tree, he's exceedingly loving and loyal and adds great character to our family. We thank you so much Meg for allowing us to have our baby Blue. Without our Blue we would not be nearly as happy as we are today. He is immensely loved and cherished.

Maddy H., Vancouver



We are delighted with our beautiful phantom Zoe. She was very well cared for and socialized by the time she came to us. She is in the teenager stage of development  and feisty, but smart as can be so does require lots of input and attention. Still,  she is receptive to staying in her crate when necessary and under the teen exuberance we see a calm dog with lots of character.

Jan & Mike 

Victoria BC